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[Sep. 27th, 2006|01:35 am]
LJ GayStr8Alliance Network



this is directed to those who support Exodus Internationals new scam.

if you guys want to spread your christianity and love everyone, you would not back Exodus International.

every year thousands of 'family members' send thier GLBT friends and family into 'Love Camps' which brainwashes the members into hating themselves, leads to low self esteem, and in the end most commit suicide, or otherwise end up emotionally crippled.

had he not died of HIV, my fiancee's uncle would have been shipped off there. his family turned thier back on him, and are about to turn thier backs on her too. after his funeral, his own mother said had she known sooner she would have sent him there.

if you wish to be a True Christian, you would know that: 

1) any law prohibiting homosexuality in the bible doesnt apply to you. the Old Testament is the Torah. they are rules for the Children of Israel only. the New Testament and the teachings of Christ apply to Christians. therefore, you should love everyone anyway. which needs to be explained to Fred Phelps...
2) accepting GLBT students does not go against your religion. your religion is about loving and accepting everyone anyway, GLBT kids are everyone. love them for them.
3) hate is not a family value. (i know i stole that...but it is true)
4) if you truly accepted your religion and held it to heart, you would support the Allies mission. Join the HRC. join the ACLU.join your own GSA, but supporting Exodus means you support hate. Christ preached Love, People preach Hate. 

Follow Christ, not his fan club.