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[Sep. 25th, 2006|08:45 pm]
LJ GayStr8Alliance Network


I offer this in sincere interest in the well-being of anyone who has ever been singled out and violently ridiculed just for being different in a crowd.

As you know, each October, Gay-Straight Alliance clubs in high schools across the US promote an event called “Ally Week,” in which members encourage non-LGBT-identifying teens to pledge their support for making schools safe for LGBT students.

We also know that millions of Christian students share the same desire to ensure schools are a safe and harassment-free place for all.

While Ally Week is meant to have this effect, the pledge involved requires students to promise to “actively support safer school efforts” promoted by GLSEN, which often involve policies and ethics which conflict with Christian beliefs concerning sexuality. This in turn marginalizes well-meaning people from participation, leaving many Christian students feeling as though they must choose between holding to their beliefs and looking like a bully.

Still, the fact that our beliefs are different doesn’t mean we can’t work together for safer schools for everyone. So, Exodus Youth is creating the Allies, Too campaign, in which Christian students can voice their support for safer schools without compromising on God's Word!

For those of you who can put aside political or religious differences in the interest of preserving the safety of all students across America, please pass this on to all GLBT groups as well as Christian (or otherwise conservative) circles. Moderators, if you could please consider including a link to allies_too on your profile pages, so that we can work together in stamping out unwarranted acts of hatred against others.


[User Picture]From: aki_no_kaze
2006-09-26 07:06 pm (UTC)
saying "Im your ally" while at the same time saying "youre disgusting and need to be cured of the devil in your soul" makes one of those two sentinces a bold-faced lie.... but that cant be right since "good christians" never lie right?

take your watered down, hypocritical "ally" pledge and shove it up somewhere uncomfortable. If you want to wear the ally badge then you are going to have to pony up and act like one. If you cant reconcile that with your faith then perhaps you need to decide which is more important, a narrow minded view of christianity, or popularity and not being seen as the bigot.
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